About Us

Arthur Susano

Hi there! I’m Arthur Susano, and I am a 25-year-old nutritionist. Nutrition has always been my passion since childhood, so it’s no surprise that I am now pursuing a career in this field.

I love to experiment with various aspects of nutrition and have recently taken an interest in nicotine. This led me to creating the blog Pouchbay – a platform where I can share my learnings on this topic as well as other topics related to health and wellness.

Through Pouchbay, I strive to give readers access to credible information about nicotine use and its effects on the body. My goal is for people who visit the blog to be able to make informed decisions about their own health based on what they find here.

My goal with Pouchbay is to bring all these learnings together into one place so that others can benefit from them too. On this blog you will find all sorts of information related to nicotine usage, including tips on how to safely use it, recipes incorporating nicotine-infused ingredients, reviews on various products out there containing nicotine – basically anything related to this topic!

If you’re looking for reliable advice from someone knowledgeable on the subject of nicotine use, then look no further than Pouchbay! Want to get started? Read the most asked question on the blog: Can you swallow spit from zyn pouches?